The Republic of Srpska has comparative advantages and can offer our people in the diaspora to make profit by investing in Srpska, said Radovan Višković, the Prime Minister of Srpska, opening the Fourth International Diaspora Fair in Zurich today.

– We have stimulating tax rates, energy sources, and the Government stands ready to offer the investors, subject to their investment, number of employees etc. also other benefits, such as tax and contribution refunds for up to three years for the salaries paid to their employees – stated Višković.

He pointed out that the Republic of Srpska had one great advantage in relation to many countries in the region, namely energy.

– Even at this moment, where many countries in the world and Europe are struggling with energy, primarily with electricity, Srpska is generating surplus and exporting electricity – he said.

He noted that Srpska had serious potentials in water, wind and sun.

– Anyone who has money and wants to grow it can come to Srpska to invest in infrastructure, to invest in energy, spa tourism, agriculture, because this is a territory that can offer organic healthy food, unlike many European countries. They can produce large quantities, but they cannot offer quality and what is called a healthy product, and the Republic of Srpska can, these are our advantages and we wish to say that to all those interested today – Višković added.

He reminded that the end of last year saw formation of the Diaspora Register and the Investment Directorate to facilitate access to information.

– I think that thus we can make significant strides in our cooperation – he pointed out.

The Business Diaspora Summit, held in Zurich today and attended by Prime Minister Radovan Višković, included holding of specific forums on the topics of energy and real estate market, with special focus on the possibility of engaging our companies in the Swiss market.

— Government of the Republic of Srpska (@Vlada_Srpske) May 13, 2022

‘Prime Minister Višković in Zurich at SUMMIT 2022 Diaspora Business Summit.
The Prime Minister visited the stands of exhibitors from Srpska and Serbia operating in Switzerland. Exhibitors from municipalities and cities of the Republic of Srpska also presented at the fair.#SamitPoslovneDijaspore#Summit2022

— Government of the Republic of Srpska (@Vlada_Srpske) May 13, 2022

Source: RTRS