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27th Festival of Serbian Folklore of Germany in Berlin

The 27th Festival of Serbian Folklore of Germany was held in Berlin on 25 March this year. It was held in the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany for the first time in 20 years. About 300 participants from 13 cultural and artistic societies from German territory performed before numerous audience. The festival was opened by the president of the Alliance of Serb Associations in Germany, Saša Ivanović. Ambassador Dr Snežana Janković

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Head of Republic of Srpska Representation in Austria Attended Meeting with Representatives of Upper Austria Serb Communities

An important meeting took place in Linz between representatives of the Serb communities of Upper Austria and representatives of the institutions of Serbia and Srpska and Republic of Srpska Representative Office in Austria. The meeting was attended by members of the Upper Austria Serb communities, representatives of the Serbian Ministry without portfolio in charge of the diaspora, Serbian Ambassador Nebojša Rodić and Honorary Consul of Serbia in Linz, and Mladen Filipović, the Head

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Cvijanović Visited St Sava Church in Manhattan

The Serb member and Chairwoman of the BiH Presidency, Željka Cvijanović, visited the Church of St Sava in Manhattan, New York. – Wherever I find myself, it is always with special pleasure that I visit the places of our national and spiritual gathering. One such place in New York is the St Sava Church in Manhattan. This shrine has been owned by the Serbian Orthodox Church for 80

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Klokić: Open Balkan Conference on 5 April in Banja Luka

The Minister of European Integration and International Cooperation of the Republic of Srpska, Zlatan Klokić, announced holding of the Open Balkan international conference on 5 April in Banja Luka, which should gather representatives of the economy and politics of the member countries of that initiative. – We are organizing it together with the Association of Young Economists, with whom we traditionally have good cooperation,

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IDB Delegation Informed Gouillon about Cooperation Potential and Joint Project Implementation

A delegation of the Investment Development Bank of the Republic of Srpska spoke in Belgrade with the Director of the Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region, Arnaud Gouillon, about the economic empowerment of local communities and cooperation potential on implementing joint projects in the Republic of Srpska. The discussion placed special emphasis on the empowerment of returnees, small farmers and herders. Gouillon said on this occasion that

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Call for Business Applications: Project to Connect with Businessmen in Austria

The Representative Office of the Republic of Srpska in Austria invites all interested companies in the metalworking and woodworking sectors to apply for the project of connecting Republic of Srpska companies with Austrian businessmen. Business connecting is intended for management and representatives of companies in the above sectors, who are interested in establishing business cooperation with companies from Austria, and who have an interest

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Director of the Directorate Meets with Mayor of Republic of Srpska Lopare Municipality

The Director of the Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region met at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia with Rado Savić, the Mayor of the Republic of Srpska Municipality of Lopare. The Mayor informed the Director about the success of the existing cooperation between Lopare municipality and the diaspora. Considering the fact that a large portion of this municipality’s pre-war population is in the diaspora

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Stojičić with Serb Diaspora Representatives in Austria

The Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Stojičić, spoke in Vienna with representatives of the Serb diaspora in Austria about the importance of preserving the Serbian language and Cyrillic alphabet in that country, institutional cooperation in the field of education and culture, and the diaspora for improving Srpska’s international reputation in the world. With the president of the Serbian educational and cultural society Prosvjeta in

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Banja Luka Down Syndrome Center in Thessaloniki

The Banja Luka Down Syndrome Center arrived in Thessaloniki, where they will be marking 21 March, the World Down Syndrome Day from 17 to 22 March, together with the Greek Down Syndrome Center of Greece. To mark this day, a festive lunch was held for the members of the Down Center, attended also by the Greek President, Katerina Sakellaropoulou,

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Republic of Srpska Representation in Greece Ensured Participation in Athens Fair

In order to improve business activities, i.e. cooperation between Republic of Srpska and Greek businessmen, the Representative Office of the Republic of Srpska in Greece, in cooperation with IDBRS and FoodExpo, ensured participation of the company Fructa Trade at the food and beverage fair in Athens through the Hosted Buyers program. This program will offer Fructa Trade company representatives the opportunity to meet with

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