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Гујон: Важно очување културног идентитета Срба

Директор Управе за сарадњу с дијаспором и Србима у региону Арно Гујон изјавио је данас у Подгорици да је важно очување културног идентитета Срба, као и економско повезивање дијаспоре и матице. Гујон је након разговора са предсједником Српског националног савјета Црне Горе Момчилом Вуксановићем истакао да су Срби који живе ван матице веома важан ресурс…

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Прашуму Јањ УНЕСКО прогласио природним добром од свјетског значаја

Одбор за свјетску баштину УНЕСКО прогласио је данас прашуму Јањ код Шипова природним добром од свјетског значаја. Прашума Јањ нашла се међу 15 нових заштићених подручја из шест земаља потписница Конвенције УНЕСКО о заштити природне и културне баштине, саопштено је из Министарства цивилних послова у Савјету министара. Природно добро од свјетског значаја „Исконске букове шуме…

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Minister Klokić at Prijedor and Diaspora 2021 Conference

The Minister of European Integration and International Cooperation of the Republic of Srpska, Zlatan Klokić, attended the conference Prijedor and the Diaspora 2021 held in Prijedor. Klokić said that Prijedor was the best example of investments from people who had returned from abroad and were very successful businessmen today. The city has a development strategy based on which it should

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Sattler: Diaspora Can Do Much More than Send Money Occasionally

The Head of the EU Delegation to BiH, Johann Sattler, stated in Prijedor that interaction of all government levels in BiH with the diaspora was sporadic and unstructured, and that half of BiH population was living in more than 50 countries of the world. – This is a huge potential because these are people with strong emotional and family ties with the homeland, and

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Vučić Received Young Athletes from Srpska, Diaspora and Kosmet

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, received today young athletes from Kosovo and Metohija, Republic of Srpska and the diaspora. The young athletes are taking part in the Serbia Is Calling You 2021 camp. There are 214 boys and girls participating in the camp. Camp participants gave Vučić a T-shirt with all their signatures and a painting of old Belgrade. Source and photo: RTRS

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Drvar: Ceremonial Academy; Stefanović Also Present

Drvar marks 27 July as the Day of the Municipality, established on the day of the beginning of the uprising of the people against the fascist occupiers in 1941. The people of Drvar and its surroundings gave more than 7,000 soldiers during the Second World War. A ceremonial academy was held today, where letters of appreciation and recognitions were presented. The academy was attended, among others, by the Minister of Defense of Serbia, Nebojša Stefanović.

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Largest Amateur Theater Festival in the Region Started in Trebinje

The largest amateur theater festival in the region, the 64th Festival of Festivals, has started in Trebinje. During seven days, amateur actors from several cities of the region will perform on the stage of the Cultural Center, and an abundant accompanying program is planned. On the first evening of the festival, the Bijelo Polje Theater performed the play The Government and Its Opposition. Amateur theaters from

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Cvijanović: Important Promotion of Srpska

The President of the Republic of Srpska, Želјka Cvijanović, pointed out that the Republic of Srpska needed gathering, unity and a determination to work together on resolving political, economic and financial challenges and frequent political disputes. – We are all aware of various challenges, political, economic, financial, frequent political disputes directed towards the Republic of Srpska and in order

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Lopare: Domestic Products and Cottage Industry Fair Open

Domestic Products and Cottage Industry Fair is being held in Lopare today as part of the Days of the Diaspora, with about 30 producers and associations from this local community exhibiting their products. In addition to Majevica brandy, this region has another branded and protected product. It is smoked Zarac cheese, the production of which started precisely on Majevica.

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The Book Serbian Question at the Turn of the Epoch - a Manifesto of Cultural Pattern of Serbs

The book Serbian Question at the Turn of the Epoch, a collection of essays, interviews and book reviews, thematically related to the Serbian question, authored by Milana Babić from Trebinje, was presented at the National Library in Trebinje. Babić, a professor of the Serbian language and a bachelor of theology, said last night at the promotion that she had been working on the book for more than 10 years. She pointed out

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