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Ministry Produced Informative Brochure on Republic of Srpska and Diaspora

брошура „Република Српска и дијаспора“

The Ministry of European Integration and International Cooperation produced the brochure titled The Republic of Srpska and the Diaspora. The purpose of this publication is to improve communication and further encourage the strengthening of cooperation with citizens living and working in the diaspora. Among other things, the brochure will provide information on how to join the Republic of Srpska Diaspora Register, along with detailed information on the benefits offered to all those wishing to invest in the Republic of Srpska.

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Трећи сајам образовања и запошљавања града Градишка

Градска управа града Градишка, у сарадњи са образовним и другим јавним институцијама, организује „Трећи сајам образовања и запошљавања града Градишка“, који ће се одржати 30. септембра 2022. године у просторијама Арене Градишка. Циљ сајма је промоција, представљање и повезивање образовних институција, привредних субјеката, незапослених лица и ученика завршних разреда основних и средњих школа. Интерес за…

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Srbadija Choir Won Gold and Silver Medal at Competition in Italy

Bijeljina choir Srbadija under the baton of Jelena and Desanka Trakilović won a gold and silver medal at the 10th Isola del Sole International Choir Competition in the Italian city of Grado. Srbadija won a gold medal in the category of folklore and a silver medal in the category of sacred choral music. The jury consisting of eminent world experts and conductors – Katalin Kiss

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Saalfelden Serbian Orthodox Parish and Church Celebrated Slava

The Serbian Orthodox parish and church in Saalfelden celebrated Slava – the Assembly of Serbian Saints, which was attended by His Eminence Bishop of Austria-Switzerland Mr. Andrej. It was a pleasure to see a large number of believers and members of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Austria send together a message of unity and support to the motherlands – the Republic of Serbia and Republic of Srpska.

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Steyr Serbian Club Vuk Karadžić Celebrated Great Jubilee

he Serbian club Vuk Karadžić from Steyr celebrated its great jubilee, 30 years since its founding. Preserving Serbian culture and tradition primarily through work with children during the past three decades, the association from the city on the banks of the river Steyr and Enns has reasons to be proud. The ceremony on the occasion of its founding anniversary was graced by numerous public figures of Upper Austria and

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Facilitated Investing for Diaspora

The law on issuing identification cards for Serbs with foreign citizenship originating from this area should be adopted by the end of the year, and this will allow the people from the diaspora to enjoy equal treatment as RS citizens on many issues. The Serb member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, said that the identification cards would be issued

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Products from Banja Luka and Drvar at Pielachtal Valley Festival

The Homemade Products Festival held in the Pielachtal Valley, Lower Austria, included participation of a delegation from the Republic of Srpska and presentation of products from Banja Luka and Drvar for the visitors. The Head of the Representative Office of the Republic of Srpska in Austria, Mladen Filipović, also visited the Festival and said that one of the objectives of the Representation was to open a Krajina

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Republic of Srpska University Clinical Center Delegation Visited Saint Petersburg

From 15 to 18 September 2022, at the invitation of the Foreign Affairs Committee of St. Petersburg and with the support of the Representative Office of the Republic of Srpska in the Russian Federation, a delegation of the University Clinical Center of the Republic of Srpska participated in the 30th Congress of the World Society of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons and at the 11th international congress Current trends of modern cardiothoracic surgery.

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Best UNIBL Students to Visit Vienna

At the meeting held on 21 September 2022, the Rector of the University of Banja Luka (UNIBL), Professor Radoslav Gajanin, and the Head of the Republic of Srpska Representative Office in Austria, Mladen Filipović, agreed to organize student visits to Vienna for 17 of the best students of our university. As agreed at the meeting in the rector’s office, which was also attended by the vice-rector for scientific research

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