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The register is a voluntary record of natural persons and organizations in the diaspora. The register is established to collect information about citizens and legal entities and associations in the diaspora in order to strengthen and develop cooperation, as well as to plan the activities of institutions on improving the position of our citizens in the diaspora.

From entries in the Diaspora Register, the institutions of the Republic of Srpska learn about your qualifications, interests and intentions regarding cooperation with the Republic of Srpska. Whether it concerns maintaining contact, cultural, scientific or economic cooperation, the institutions will provide assistance and support, and design relevant activities open for your involvement, in order to improve cooperation with the diaspora.

The entry in the Register is voluntary and produces no obligations, rather, it enables easier involvement in thematic activities that will be planned and implemented. The point of the Register is to know the whereabouts of our citizens abroad and the areas in which they would like to improve cooperation. Based on that, institutions can plan activities and invite interested citizens from the diaspora to participate.

Within the Ministry, the Sector for Cooperation with the Diaspora is engaged in improving and institutionalizing cooperation with the diaspora. The Republic of Srpska has recognized the great potential and importance of the diaspora, and therefore strives to regulate the relations systematically and to improve and strengthen cooperation and connections with Republic of Srpska citizens in the diaspora.

Cooperation with the diaspora is continuous and covers several areas. Through direct contacts and various activities of the Ministry, representatives of republic institutions with the diaspora and our representative offices abroad, we are able to hear the views of the emigrants, their associations and clubs, to create a strategic framework for long-term cooperation based on their suggestions, and to plan adequately future activities.

The Republic of Srpska and its citizens in the diaspora have shown great interest in cooperation. New applications for entry in the Diaspora Register are coming in daily, and we expect the citizens in the diaspora and organizations to support this type of cooperation and to join successfully the Diaspora Register.

The Republic of Srpska has representative offices in Serbia, Russia, Austria, Greece, Belgium, Germany, the United States and Israel. The representations are the best indicator of the importance and desire to improve cooperation with the diaspora.