The minister without portfolio in charge of coordinating activities and measures in the field of relations between the Republic of Serbia and the diaspora, Đorđe Milićević, said that the most important thing for Serbia and the Republic of Srpska in these difficult times was the unity of both Serbs in Srpska and Serbia, and those living outside their borders.

– The Drina was never a river separating us, but a backbone connecting us – said Milićević.

He added that citizens of the Republic of Srpska could not feel like diaspora in Serbia and vice versa.

– Serbs should be united wherever they are – said Milićević.

Milićević stated that unity, sobornost and care for national interests were unquestionable in the Serbian diaspora, i.e. outside the borders of Serbia and Srpska.

He noted that Serbia respected the territorial integrity and sovereignty of BiH and that none of its officials had said otherwise, although they might have had reason to do so.

Milićević said that ‘the resolution on Srebrenica takes us back ten years,’ adding that Serbia would fight against the adoption of this document in the UN General Assembly and seek adoption of resolutions on the genocide of the Serbian people.

– Even if the resolution is adopted, we must keep our heads up. Serbia will certainly apply and be a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. Why? To initiate a resolution on crimes in Kraljevo, Kragujevac, Šumarice, etc. The resolution committed against the Serbian people in Jasenovac, to see how they will respond – says Milićević.

He stated that the leadership of Srpska and Serbia knew the value of freedom.

– They will know how to preserve peace and stability and will be there for their people wherever they live – says Milićević, and adds that we must think about the future gathered around the tricolor.

Source and photo: RTRS