Serbian Spiritual Identity is the name and theme of the scientific meeting held in Banja Luka, organized by the Academy of Science and Arts of the Republic of Srpska and Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts from Belgrade.

The meeting brought together big names of Serbian scientific thought, who seek a comprehensive understanding of development trends and contemporary challenges of Serbian spiritual identity from a scientific point of view.

– This topic is so current that I really see nothing that could top it, because continuously, the various positions of foreigners, locals, these and those, are always interwoven with the problem of identity and spirituality like a red thread. These are two categories that certainly make up the identity of the Serbian people. I think this is almost the same topic as about 20 years ago; then it was identity, and now sovereignty and the assumption for further development – said Rajko Kuzmanović, President of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Republic of Srpska.

Preservation of Serbian spiritual identity is the only guarantee of survival, stated the President of Srpska’s Academy of Sciences and Arts, Rajko Kuzmanović.

ASARS member Staniša Tutnjević said that Serbian spiritual identity was the broadest, most open, most dynamic, and even the most democratic.

– Serbian spiritual identity in South Slavic areas and in particular in the area where we speak one language, is the most widespread, the broadest, most open and I dare say the most democratic, and in some aspects of that identity we may see a kind of core character of identity for all South Slavic peoples, especially for those speaking the same language – stated Tutnjević.

SASA representative Sreto Tanasić, said that this was one of the significant meetings in the Serbian cultural area, given its dealing with the issues of preserving Serbian spiritual identity.

Source and photo: RTRS