The website of the Alliance of Serbs in Austria ( has been launched recently, offering all information about the Serbian community, the work of our associations and their numerous activities.

There are seven sections on the site: from the one about the history of the Alliance of Serbs in Austria, through information about Serbian communities, to news, gallery, etc.

A great convenience is provided by events calendar, which enables following the announced events organized by our associations and institutions.

‘The history of the umbrella union in Austria begins at the end of the sixties with the first associations of immigrants.

Serb associations in Austria are organized by province, and each province has an umbrella union or federation. Those umbrella provincial unions or federations are part of the Alliance of Serbs in Austria, which is the umbrella alliance of Serbian associations and Serbs in Austria. The Alliance of Serbs in Austria coordinates joint events and projects with the umbrella associations from different provinces.

Each province (except Burgenland) has its umbrella union, which is responsible for the associations and Serbian people in that particular province. In each province, associations organize their own events regularly. Since its founding, the Alliance of Serbs in Austria has been organizing three big annual events divided into different topics.

There is a cultural and artistic event Folklore Festival, a sports event Workers’ Sports Games later renamed to Vidovdan Sports Meetings, and a cultural and educational competition Knowledge Quiz and Culture Show.’

Source and photo: RTS