From 23 to 30 March 2024, the school center Helen of Anjou from Paris organizes Days of Cyrillic.

The Bridge on the Drina monodrama was performed on 23 March by the famous actor Tihomir Tika Stanić.

The promotion of Neda Đukić Borojević’s book Vila sa Ćakora took place at the Serbian Cultural Center in Paris on 25 March. The program also included Ilija Paldrmić, a guslar from Frankfurt, music professor Petar Gojković, and authors from Paris. The dramatic story about the death of Branka Đukić was also screened. Cultural Center of Serbia in Paris, 123, Rue Saint-Martin, 75004 Paris.

On Saturday, 30 March, there will be music therapy with prof. Petar Gojković. Music therapy is a set of techniques and methods that use sound, which may or may not be music, and which are applied in diagnostics, therapy, prevention, palliative care and rehabilitation, but also in healthy persons, both children and adults, to improve physical health and spiritual development.

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