A presentation of an extensive five thousand pages long investment cadaster of data from all cities and municipalities of the Republic of Srpska to Austrian businessmen and business diaspora, and a visit by bankers and investors from Tyrol to the Republic of Srpska in the coming ten days are only some of the outcomes of the two-day visit by representatives of the Srpska Investment Development Bank to Vienna.

The director of the IDB, Dražen Vrhovac, said this in an interview with Radio Srpska and announced similar promotions of investment potentials in other European centers, and impending arrival of important companies from Greece and Norway.

He noted that the Republic of Srpska’s potentials were not small.

– Proximity to the border of the European Union, which is ideal for their business. What was important for us to hear is that many companies are moving their production from Ukraine. They are potentially looking for a territory offering the conditions that would enable them to transfer their production. What they told us is that the Republic of Srpska and Romania have the potential adequate for them all because of the tax system, road network and communications, and all other parameters that they presented to us. We will do our best to prepare the additional information that they requested for the next meeting in Banja Luka – said Vrhovac.

Source: RTRS

Photo: Republic of Srpska Representation in the Republic of Austria