Last weekend, the property of the Church of St. Nicholas in Lyons was a gathering place for Serbs from near and far around Chicago. The occasion for this was Serb Fest – Serbian Days, held in Brookfield in previous years, and now for the first time at the new property in Lyons. This culture and fun event aims to present in the best possible light our customs, culture, food, music and preserve faith. Another main goal is for our people to gather and learn about the church complex that was recently purchased, is currently being renovated, holds great potential, and will soon become an educational, cultural and sports center for the Serbian community in Chicago and its surroundings.

Another good news is that at the end of September, two children’s sports clubs are opening at the parish church of St. Nicholas. A karate club will open on 27 September at 17:30 with trainings planned every Tuesday, and basketball club will open on 5 October at 19:00 with trainings planned every Wednesday. The most important thing is that registration and training for children are free.

We all know that people are too busy with work and responsibilities and this is an opportunity to get together, have fun and meet each other, says father Nemanja Tešić and adds that during the festival they had very important visits, one of them being the visit by Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas. Also, about thirty bikers from Slovakia visited Serb Fest, creating a sensation, and adding to the gathering. However, what makes us the happiest is the large number of children who enjoyed the fun at the festival.

Many new ideas found their place at Serb Fest, and one of them was new Serbian banknotes. Banknotes with the faces of Novak Đoković, Vlade Divac, Nikola Jokić, Nikola Tesla and Mihajlo Pupin were used instead of food tickets, the most valuable among them being 50 dinars-worth and bearing the face of Novak Đoković.

Source: Srpska televizija USA

Photo: Saša Lukić Srpska televizija USA