Traditionally, mid-September, the Serbian community and parishioners of the Old Holy Resurrection Church in Palmer Square in Chicago organize a festival that gathers many. This year, the Taste of Serbia festival again did not lack pleasant and hospitable atmosphere, good Serbian food, music and cultural program. According to the president of the church, Dejan Antić, each our festival is an opportunity to present to our neighbors of different nationalities the best that Serbia has, its food, music, religion, customs and culture.

The head of the temple, archpriest Luka Lukić, is glad that the weather was nice and the festival was very well visited, he is also particularly pleased that among the Americans there are those who are interested in the Orthodox faith, attend the holy liturgy, want to celebrate Slava and be baptized, so he can talk with them and introduce them to Orthodoxy.

All generations gather here, acquaintances are made among both the elderly and children. Everything is on a voluntary and volunteer basis, which sometimes seems strange to Americans hearing that someone works at the grill, bakes cakes or serves at the bar throughout the festival without pay. The festival presented the exhibition Tesla’s Room, which was very well received. The works, writings, drawings and photographs of our great Nikola Tesla will soon be on permanent display in one of the rooms of this church.

In any case, in addition to promoting Serbia, the goal of the parishioners and all those supporting the festival in any way is also to support the church and survival of the Orthodox faith in the Serbian community in Chicago.

During the past period, the conditions were created and funds raised to renovate the interior of the building and the hall, and many more projects are planned that will offer the parishioners of this church a place with a more modern space for ceremonies, folklore, sports and entertainment, in addition to the place of worship.

Source: Srpska televizija USA

Photo: Saša Lukić Srpska televizija USA