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Mlađen Cicović, Head of the Republic of Srpska Representation in Serbia: Sister Cities Are Becoming Even Closer

Cooperation between the Republic of Srpska and Serbia has always been what its people deserve, and in the last eight years it has reached the highest level, as will be manifested during the event Days of Srpska in Serbia, to be held from 22 to 29 September. The Head of the Republic of Srpska Representation in Serbia, Mlađen Cicović, said that for Glas Srpske

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Gratitude to Kusturica for Everything He Does for Serbia and Srpska

Today at Mećavnik, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, thanked the celebrated director Emir Kusturica for everything he had been doing for Serbia, Republic of Srpska, and the unity of the Serbian people, who will be bequeathed a magnificent tourist settlement and nature park in the area that was dormant before Kusturica’s endeavor. – If I had lived for 50 years, it would not have occurred to me to imagine something like this

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Užice: International Children’s Folklore Festival Licider Heart Opened

The International Children’s Folklore Festival Licider Heart, where children’s folklore ensembles from the Republic of Srpska also participate, was officially opened tonight in Užice. The festival is being held under the auspices of Serbian President, Aleksandar Vučić, and will last until 19 August in Užice, Zlatibor and Višegrad. There is about 700 participants aged 10 to 16 from Serbia,

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Europe Demands: Recognize Serbian Language

In its report adopted in early July, the CoE’s Committee of Experts of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages referred to its long-standing recommendation that Croatian, German and Serbian, which are traditionally present in several areas of Slovenia, be recognized as traditional minority languages. The National Council of Serbs of Slovenia, the association that brings together the Serbian community in this country, told

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Узурпирање српске имовине Фото: РТРС

As of September, Belgrade and Banja Luka will launch a great campaign to protect properties of around 400,000 Serbs in BiH, as a perfidious plan of ownership change is being implemented, affecting the most the people in the Diaspora, unaware of what is happening in BiH. The goal is to call on Serbs abroad by way of diplomatic and consular missions of Serbia, Serb associations across the world, local media, social networks,

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Gouillon: Important to Preserve Cultural Identity of Serbs

The Director of the Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region, Arnaud Gouillon, stated today in Podgorica that it was important to preserve the cultural identity of Serbs, as well as to establish economic links between the diaspora and the homeland. After talks with the President of the Serbian National Council of Montenegro, Momčilo Vuksanović, Gouillon pointed out that Serbs living outside the homeland were a very important resource

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Vučić Received Young Athletes from Srpska, Diaspora and Kosmet

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, received today young athletes from Kosovo and Metohija, Republic of Srpska and the diaspora. The young athletes are taking part in the Serbia Is Calling You 2021 camp. There are 214 boys and girls participating in the camp. Camp participants gave Vučić a T-shirt with all their signatures and a painting of old Belgrade. Source and photo: RTRS

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Key Role of SOC in Relations between Serbs in the World and Motherland

His Holiness Porfirije, the Serbian Patriarch, spoke with the director of the Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region, Arnaud Gouillon, about projects that promote cooperation and ties between Serbs in the world, the region and the motherland. At the meeting held yesterday in the Patriarchate in Belgrade, the Patriarch expressed satisfaction that the Serbian Orthodox Church played

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Investors Lured by Geostrategic Position and Business Climate - Laktaši in RS Municipalities and Cities Scanning Project

We are continuing the project of RS municipalities and cities scanning, implemented by the eKapija business portal in cooperation with the Republic of Srpska Representative Office in Serbia, with the presentation of economic and development potentials of Laktaši. After Trebinje, Sokolac, Gradiška, Petrovo, Milići, Zvornik, also the municipality of Laktaši has obtained a digital, economic ID card including and presenting its infrastructure projects, as well as agricultural, forest,

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Filipović: Possible Business Cooperation with Austrian Partners

The Head of the Republic of Srpska Representative Office in Austria, Mladen Filipović, talked with the head of the municipality of Mrkonjić Grad, Dragan Vođević, about the possibility of cooperation between business entities from this local community and partners from Austria. Filipović also spoke with businessmen – it was concluded that they had something to offer to the Austrian market. Source and photo: RTRS

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