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Inviting Writers from Republic of Srpska to Participate in Petersburg Reading: Choosing the Best Foreign Writer Project

The Representative Office of the Republic of Srpska in Russia invites writers from the Republic of Srpska to participate in the project Petersburg Reading: Choosing the Best Foreign Writer. The project was launched in 2009 by the Central City Public Library V. V. Mayakovsky in St. Petersburg in order to draw attention to the works of contemporary foreign writers. The project includes two nominations: – Best

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Munich/Serbian Psalter Phototype Edition Promoted at International Belgrade Book Fair

The phototype edition of the Munich/Serbian Psalter was promoted in the Ivo Andrić Hall at the International Belgrade Book Fair. Serbian Patriarch Porfirije gave a welcome speech, while Bishop Grigorije of Düsseldorf and Germany, Zoran Rakić, Ph.D., art historian, Zoran Nedeljković, Ph.D., director of the Patriarchal Library, and Danijela Jelić, MA, philologist, spoke about the book. ‘The magnificent phototype edition of the Serbian Psalter, as thе

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Republic of Srpska Representatives Attended 18th Salzburg Europe Summit

The Chairman of the Banja Luka City Assembly, Mladen Ilić, and head of the Republic of Srpska Representative Office in Austria, Mladen Filipović, attended the 18th European summit in Salzburg (Salzburg Europe Summit). The Summit, held in the Congress Hall in Salzburg, was attended by prominent representatives of Austrian and European science, politics and business, and topic of this year’s conference was Visions for Europe –

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Members of Serbian Diaspora Folklore Association Arranged Future Performance Dates

The regular annual assembly of the Association of Serbian Folklore of the Diaspora was held last weekend in Belgrade, with one of the main points on the agenda being to decide the hosts of the 25th European Festival of Serbian Folklore of the Diaspora and the 1st European Festival of Children’s Folklore of the Diaspora. According to the unanimous decision of the members of the assembly, the next year’s 25th European Festival of Serbian Diaspora Folklore will be held on 27 and 28

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Prosvjeta Young Artists Club Held another Young Writers’ Evening

On Sunday, 23 October 2022, at the Kussmaul club in the heart of Vienna, the Austrian Prosvjeta’s Young Artists Club organized the eleventh Young Writers’ Evening. This club, a part of the Serbian Educational and Cultural Society Prosvjeta, is celebrating five years of existence this year, and it has been successfully headed by professor Vesna Špirić, engineer Uroš Uljarević, and Anja Rudić, MA. The club organizes various projects in the field

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Ceremonial Opening of Republic of Srpska Presentation at Belgrade Book Fair

Representative presence of the Republic of Srpska at the International Book Fair in Belgrade under the motto Let’s Read Together in Cyrillic was ceremonially opened yesterday. The Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska, Natalija Trivić, opened the presentation in the presence of the Minister of European Integration and International Cooperation, Zlatan Klokić, and members of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Republic of Srpska and Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

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Klokić: Pleasure over Srpska Promoting Cyrillic

The Minister of European Integration and International Cooperation of the Republic of Srpska, Zlatan Klokić, said that a particular pleasure for him was the fact that the Republic of Srpska was promoting the importance of the Cyrillic alphabet and the preservation of identity at this year’s 65th International Belgrade Book Fair. On the eve of the opening of the representative presence of the Republic of Srpska at the International Book Fair, he said that Srpska would continue to do so in

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Packed Hall Performance: Concert by Banja Luka Children’s Choir Vrapčići Held in Vienna

A concert by the children’s choir Vrapčići from Banja Luka was held in Vienna, organized by the Republic of Srpska Representative Office in Austria. The concert was held in a packed hall of the Albert Hall in Vienna, with a string of hits of this famous choir, which celebrates its 30th anniversary next year. Admittance to the concert was free, and it was a gift from the Republic of Srpska Representation

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Nikola Lončar – Founder of Tesla Science Foundation

Nikola Lončar is an inventor, the founder and president of the Tesla Science Foundation based in Philadelphia, and one of the most agile guardians of the figure and work of Nikola Tesla in the USA and beyond. Linked to his namesake Tesla by origin and interests, already as a boy Lončar participated in exhibitions and fairs dedicated to inventions in the former Yugoslavia

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Serbian Culture and Gastronomy Promotion on Czech First Television

The first channel of the Czech Television started broadcasting a series of eight episodes dedicated to Serbian culture and Serbian gastronomy. The Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Prague is the sponsor of the series The smell of Serbian cuisine with Miroslav Donutil. The series covered a tour of historical buildings, museums, galleries, monasteries in more than 25 Serbian cities from Subotica to Pirot and Kuršumlija

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