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Morana Ivković Presented Her Works at Cultural Center of Serbia in Paris

On Monday night, the Cultural Center of Serbia in Paris hosted diaspora literary evening with Morana Ivković, author from Canada. Presentation of her works was followed by that of a new edition by Ranka Todorović and audio production of Fineks – Mondo Cult with editions by the publishing house of the same name. This meeting of publishers and the diaspora at the Cultural Center of Serbia in Paris is

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Cvijanović: Srpska Presented in Serbia in Most Beautiful Light

The President of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, said tonight in Novi Sad that during the past eight days, Srpska was presented in its most beautiful light in 11 local communities throughout Serbia, from Subotica and Novi Sad, through Belgrade, Kragujevac and Kraljevo, all the way to Niš. – Tonight, Novi Sad celebrates the Republic of Srpska, because

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Strengthen Centuries-Old Ties of Serbian People from Both Sides of the Drina

The Serbian cultural and spiritual space is indivisible and unique, and the centuries-old relations of the Serbian people from both sides of the Drina should be further developed and deepened, agreed today the delegations of the cities of Niš and Trebinje at a meeting in the City Hall in Niš. After the meeting held as part of the Days of the Republic of Srpska in Serbia, the Mayor of Niš, Dragana

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Days of Srpska in Serbia - Unity of Serbs Urgent as Ever

Дани Српске у Србији (Фото РТРС)

The traditional event Days of Srpska in Serbia, organized by the Republic of Srpska Representative Office in Serbia for the ninth time, has started in Belgrade. This year, the event is organized in 11 cities in Serbia. There are also two large promotions, of investment potentials of free business zones, and tourist offer of the Republic of Srpska. The audience in Serbia will also be presented artistic programs -..

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Višković: Gratitude to Mayor of Belgrade for Support to Institutions of Srpska

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska, Radovan Višković, spoke today with the Mayor of Belgrade, Zoran Radojičić. Višković thanked the Mayor of Belgrade for the support of the city of Belgrade to the Republic of Srpska institutions and Republic of Srpska Representation in Belgrade in marking important dates and events, manifestations and meetings of academic, economic and cultural nature that help the Republic of Srpska affirm, present

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Gouillon: In 10 Days of Campaign for Protection of Property Rights of Serbs in FBiH, More than 500 Calls

Director of the Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region, Arnaud Gouillon, said that in ten days of the campaign of Serbia and Republic of Srpska for the protection of property rights of Serbs in the Federation of BiH, more than 500 calls have been received from Serbs, which is already 10 percent of the total number of people who called during the previous 3.5 years.

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First Supplementary School Opened in Rotterdam

The Serbian Youth Friendship Association, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia, launched the first Serbian language school in Rotterdam on 11 September. Such school is one of the greatest needs of the Serbian community in the Netherlands, which is growing more numerous each year. For the first time, children of Serbian emigrants have the opportunity to learn their mother tongue outside their

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The Chairman of the Serbian Parliament’s Committee on the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region, Milimir Vujadinović, suggested that members of the Slovenian Parliament consider the possibility for Serbs in Slovenia, as an autochthonous people, to declare their nationality in the census and to be enabled to acquire the status of a national minority as the most numerous people in Slovenia after Slovenes. He spoke in Ljubljana with MPs Robert Polnar, Chair of the Committee on Finance, and Dušan Šišak, chair of the commission for Slovenes in the diaspora and world, and the meeting was also attended by representatives of Serbian associations, Vladimir Kokanović and Zlatomir Bodiroža. Zmago Jelinčić, the president of the Slovenian National Party, also joined the meeting by phone. Vujadinović told Srna that the conversation focused on the position of the Serbian community in Slovenia, which, according to estimates, numbers between 70,000 and 150,000 people. He added that the possibility of approving dual citizenship for Serbs was also discussed, as well as other issues important for the Serbian community.

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The Day of Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag – 15 September was marked throughout the Republic of Srpska and Serbia, marking also the 103rd anniversary of the breakthrough of the Salonika Front in the First World War. The Serb member of BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, stated that the Day of Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag was not only a holiday of the Republic of Srpska and Serbia, but of all Serbs, wherever they lived. Also, at the central event in Belgrade, he pointed out that: ‘We in the Republic of Srpska are looking at Serbia, and we love her. We have our Republic, but our state is also Serbia.’ At the solemn celebration of this all-Serbian holiday in Belgrade, the President of Srpska, Želјka Cvijanović, wished a happy holiday before the gathered mass of people, saying: ‘I wish all our people in the Republic of Srpska, Serbia, the region and the whole world a happy Day of Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag.’ The day of Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag is a great holiday that should show that the Serbian people need unity – noted the President.

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A ceremony was held in the premises of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Vienna on the occasion of 15 September, a day established in 2020 by the Government of Serbia and Government of the Republic of Srpska as the Day of Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag. The ceremony was opened by His Excellency Mr Nebojša Rodić, Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Austria, who emphasized the importance of celebrating this holiday. He said that 15 September was of great importance for the Serbian people, given that the famous Salonika Front had been broken through on this day in 1918, turning out to be a decisive moment for the collapse of the Central Powers in the First World War, known in history as the Great War. He also noted the importance of the Serbian flag and said that it was a ‘pride, joy, remembrance of ancestors, strength for the present and at the same time incentive for the future.’ On this occasion, His Excellency Ambassador Rodić invited all those living in Austria to continue to celebrate this holiday.

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