Students from Serbia and Republic of Srpska will mark jointly 15 September – the Day of Serb Unity, Freedom and the National Flag in Pale, announced the Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia, Branko Ružić.

‘It is a good way to nurture the relations we have and to develop cooperation in the right way’, said Ružić, who spoke with representatives of the Srpska Students’ Union in Pale about ways to cooperate with student associations in Serbia.

He noted that students of the Republic of Srpska and Serbia had equal status at all levels of education and that all diplomas were recognized without nostrification, and added that 29,790 students would be able to enroll in the next academic year at the expense of the budget of Serbia.

The meeting also discussed the model of dual education and the possibilities to introduce this type of study in the Republic of Srpska, following the example of Serbia, as well as the issue of scholarships for students from Serbia in the Republic of Srpska. Ružić pointed out the importance of student organization in Serbia, which is an important factor in the development of higher education, announced the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia.

‘We are most proud of the new Law on Student Organization. We have established student conferences and student parliaments, regulated their manner of financing and competencies, selection of members, but one of the most important novelties is the possibility for student representatives to participate in the work of the faculty and have the right to decide’, said Ružić. He said that during the drafting of that law, there was good cooperation with the Student Conference of Serbian Universities /SKONUS/ which produced great results regarding improving the study conditions.

Ružić also attended the second regional conference on Cooperation of Institutions, Public and Private Sector and NGOs, at the Faculty of Economics in Pale, and emphasized the importance of dialogue and NGO support in public policy making, as well as joint efforts of Serbia and Srpska to achieve higher levels of preservation of national identity.

The Day of Serb Unity, Freedom and the National Flag is a national holiday celebrated on 15 September in Serbia and Republic of Srpska. The holiday was symbolically established to be celebrated on the day of marking the Salonica front breakthrough. It has been celebrated since 2020.

Source: Glas Srpske-Srna

Photo: Glas Srpske