Winter OSSIlation, the General Assembly of the Organisation of Serbian Students Abroad, opened last night in Novi Sad, where member of the City Council for Education Dina Vučinić greeted the present students currently studying in Italy, Germany, Hungary, Great Britain, Slovenia, Russia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Turkey, France, the Netherlands, Norway, US, Austria, Belgium and China.

‘Novi Sad is a university centre and seat of important cultural and educational institutions. Last year, we won the title of European Youth Capital, and in a few weeks, we will officially become European Capital of Culture. As such, it has always attracted a large number of young people and I am glad that also today we are hosting students who are being educated and trained around the world,’ said Dina Vučinić and added ‘We recognize the importance of young people and work to provide them with the best conditions and keep them in Serbia, thus enabling implementation of significant projects and providing a good business climate and facilities for generations to come.’

Novi Sad has already been recognized as a centre of information technologies and creative industries in Serbia, a place where world-renowned domestic and foreign companies operate. This shows clearly that we are on the right track and that our city has a bright future, said Vučinić.

The Organisation of Serbian Students Abroad numbers about 2,000 students abroad, including about 150 active members who are contributing to the work of the organisation on a daily basis.

According to their president, Anđela Janković, the organisation has existed for 25 years and operates through 23 branches around the world, with the aim of gathering and connecting Serbian intellectual capital scattered around the world.

‘We are trying to encourage all our students who are studying abroad to return to their homeland, and to help them along the way, and thus contribute to our country. We have good cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Labour, and this summer we signed an agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, enabling student practice in diplomatic and consular missions of Serbia around the world, said Anđela Janković.

The Winter OSSIlation lasts two days. The first day presented the projects implemented by the Organisation and results achieved, and the second day of the event will include lectures and panel discussions on the topics of circular migration and economy.

Source: Television of the Serbian Diaspora-RTV

Photo: Archives of Vojvodina