The integration association Semberija and Majevica from Pressbaum marked the ten years of existence and work jubilee with a cultural and artistic program under the slogan Dance, Sing, Preserve Tradition and Customs.

The Head of the Republic of Srpska Representative Office in Austria, Mladen Filipović, also attended the event.

He pointed out that Serbian associations in the diaspora were links and places that brought together Serbs who preserved tradition and culture.

‘Our Serbian people, who have been living here for many decades, are very well integrated. Serbs are known to be hard-working and honorable’, said Filipović and added that the Serbian Orthodox Church was the most important in preserving the faith and identity of the Serbian people.

More than 160 families from Semberija and Majevica live in Pressbaum, Purkersdorf and Tullnerbach.

Source and photo: Republic of Srpska Representative Office in the Republic of Austria