Nikola Tesla Day was celebrated throughout the territory of the Canadian province of Ontario (about 15 million inhabitants) for the first time, and in Niagara Falls for the 13th time. The first Tesla Square in North America was opened thanks to the hardworking and persistent representatives of the Serbian diaspora, who cherish the image and work of the great Nikola Tesla.

‘On 10 July, the 166th anniversary of the birth of the great Serbian and world genius Nikola Tesla was celebrated at Niagara Falls in Canada. On that day, the first Nikola Tesla Square in North America was opened, in one of the most beautiful places in the world, at Niagara Falls,’ said the director of the Nikola Tesla Serbian School in Niagara, Borislav Živković.

He said that thanks to last year’s initiative of Tom Rakočević, a member of the provincial parliament, Nikola Tesla Day had become a holiday celebrated at the level of the entire province of Ontario. ‘This year’s celebration of Nikola Tesla Day in Niagara was the central manifestation at the provincial level, and on this occasion we would like to thank Mr. Rakočević for his trust and respect for our work showed in the previous 13 years’, added Borislav Živković.

The Nikola Tesla Day event  which is celebrated at Niagara Falls as a central event at the level of the province of Ontario from this year, gathered a large number of admirers of Nikola Tesla’s character and work from cities across Ontario. With a large number of guests present, and a rich cultural and artistic program, this year’s event was extremely festive. On one of the most beautiful stages in the world, with a view of the beautiful Niagara Falls, our Nikola Tesla Serbian School prepared a program worthy of the importance of this day with dear guests, folklore groups Studenica from Niagara Falls, Sloga from Windsor, Vez from Hamilton, and other participants’, added the director of the Nikola Tesla Serbian School, Borislav Živković.

After the solemn ceremony at Nikola Tesla Square, the evening show with light and audio effects in honor of Nikola Tesla began at the hydropower plant (Niagara Parks Power Station). The event ended with spectacular fireworks and illumination of Niagara Falls in the colors of the Serbian flag in honor of the great genius.

‘Many praises for the organization that we received at the event itself, and which are still coming, prove that our efforts have paid off, that is, that in a dignified and beautiful way we have at least paid a little tribute to the genius that was Nikola Tesla. On this occasion, we would like to thank EVERYONE who, through their participation in the program, volunteer work, attendance and applause, or in any other way, contributed to this event receiving numerous awards. We sincerely hope that year after year the event will be pushing certain boundaries with its variety and beauty and that next year we will gather in even greater numbers. Nikola Tesla certainly deserves it!’ Borislav Bora Živković emphasized on behalf of the Nikola Tesla Serbian School.

Guests at this year’s event were, among others, the mayor of Niagara Falls, Jimmy Diodati, April Jeffs (from the Niagara Parks institution), David Adames (Chief Executive Officer of Niagara Parks), Dejan Ralević, Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Canada, Vasilije Petković, Consul General of the Republic of Serbia in Toronto, Tom Rakočević Canadian MP, Denis Matejk on behalf of the Serbian Orthodox Church of St. George, as well as numerous representatives and members of other organizations and groups both of the province of Ontario and beyond.


Photo: Nikola Tesla Serbian School