The President of the Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik, visited St Sava Church in Paris yesterday, where he was welcomed by His Eminence Bishop Justin of Western Europe.

After the meeting with the Bishop, Dodik said that the Serbian Orthodox Church, along with language and alphabet, was the most important element of Serbian national identity and that without the Church there would be no future for Serbs.

– There is no national and people’s state without religion and church, and that is particularly important for Serbs. This is supported by history, but also by the present, and will be by the future. The role of this Eparchy is to gather our people who came here and to preserve their identity – said Dodik.

Bishop Justin pointed out that the President’s visit was a great honor and joy for the Serbian community in Paris.

– First of all, I want to thank you for the honor and respect you showed us by coming here. I want to greet you from the bottom of my heart and express my respect and love, as well as my endless gratitude to the entire Serbian people in the Republic of Srpska, which is small in geographical and territorial terms, but perhaps the largest because it is a land of holy, virtuous and honest people. We want to send a message to everyone about the necessity of our unity, harmony and mutual love and respect – said Bishop Justin, adding that the Republic of Srpska cared for the Serbian people.

As part of his working visit to France, the President of Srpska will attend a meeting in the French Senate today.

The President of the Republic of Srpska is visiting France together with Srpska’s Minister of Scientific and Technological Development and Higher Education, Željko Budimir.

Source: RTRS – Nezavisne novine – Glas Srpske – Srna

Photo: RTRS