It is important that you have not renounced yourselves and your identity. It is important that we remain attached to our religion, alphabet, language and slava, said the President of the Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik, who attended a roundtable of representatives of the Serbian diaspora during his working visit to the French capital.

– The Serbs are a nation that has always faced the great. We faced the Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary, Hitler and NATO. The Serbian people are a suffering people – said Dodik.

He noted that Serbs had always freed others while making the greatest sacrifice.

– Remain consistent members of the Serbian community. Do not forget your roots and your native land. A historic moment will come when Srpska and Serbia will unite – Dodik said.

The meeting, which was attended by the Minister of Scientific and Technological Development and Higher Education of the Republic of Srpska, Željko Budimir, and BiH Ambassador to France, Bojana Kondić Panić, started with Moja Republika, the national anthem of the Republic of Srpska.

Earlier yesterday, President Milorad Dodik told the French senators in Paris that Christian Schmidt, lacking both legitimacy and legality, was trying to model the constitutional order in BiH and that, if Schmidt intervened in relation to property, the Republic of Srpska would have no other choice but to defend its status by declaring independence.

The connection of the French state and people with the Serbs is evidenced by the monument dedicated to the kings Peter I Karađorđević and Alexander the Unifier, where Srpska’s President laid wreaths. From there, Dodik reminded of the immeasurable sacrifice and contribution of the Serbian people on the way to freedom during the First World War. Although previous relations with France have faded, according to him, this is an opportunity for their political leaders to be reminded of shared glorious days, but also this country’s role in implementing the Dayton Peace Agreement.

Source and photo: RTRS