On the occasion of the Days of Cyril and Methodius event, organized by the Serbian Writers’ Association for twelve years in cooperation with the Representative Office of the Republic of Srpska in Serbia, a reception was held for the participants in this year’s celebration on 23 May in the premises of the Representation in Belgrade. This year, Vuk’s Foundation Belgrade was involved in the organization of the event.

Dr Boško Suvajdžić, full professor at the Department of Serbian Literature of the Faculty of Philology of Belgrade University and president of the assembly of Vuk’s Foundation, gave the welcoming speech and brief introduction in the role of event program coordinator and pointed out that the Cyril and Methodius Days event lasted three days. Professor Suvajdžić expressed his gratitude to the Representation and emphasized the importance of today’s gathering as an opportunity to exchange opinions and consider opportunities for improving cooperation in the sense of organizing a part of the event program in the Republic of Srpska.

The reception hosted by Mlađen Cicović, the head of the Representation, was attended by guests from Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Writers’ Association of Serbia.

In his speech, the Head of the Representation, Mlađen Cicović, briefly presented the work of this office and introduced the attendees to the biggest events it organized with the aim of strengthening relations between the Republic of Srpska and Serbia. Cicović noted the importance of presenting everything that connects the Serbian people on both sides of the Drina, and that we could only preserve our people by being united and collected and working together on identity issues. Serbia and Republic of Srpska jointly mark all significant dates and have as their goal to gather Slavic compatriots and neighbors in order to preserve the identity, tradition and culture of the Slavic peoples. In previous years, part of the Cyril and Methodius Days program was organized in Milići, Andrićgrad and Istočno Sarajevo. A shared conclusion from today’s reception is to start preparations for next year earlier so that this event can continue to be held in the Republic of Srpska.

This year’s program included also guests from Macedonia and Montenegro who took part in this event in Mrčajevci.

On 22 May, a roundtable was held on the topic of the Serbian language and Cyrillic alphabet. A literary evening at the Writers’ Association of Serbia followed after the visit to the Representation, and today’s program provides for the laying of fresh flower wreaths on the monument to the holy Slavic brothers in the Cyril and Methodius Park at 10.00, and an International Poetry Evening dedicated to Cyril and Methodius in the ceremonial hall of the Serbian Writers’ Association at 7.00.

Source and photo: Republic of Srpska Representative Office in Serbia