Serbian Government minister in charge of relations with the diaspora, Đorđe Milićević, and representatives of more than 130 Serbian diaspora associations from all over the world agreed at a meeting on details of the Diaspora Vidovdan Assembly, to be held on 1 and 2 July in Belgrade.

Milićević thanked everyone for their proposals and suggestions during the online consultation meeting and promised to do everything to speed up the resolution of any potential open issues in relations between the diaspora and the motherland.

‘Our diaspora is a huge treasure of our people and it is up to us to support it, encourage it and work together with it on achieving the shared goals in supporting young diaspora generations to stay connected to their roots. Our state and national interest is to create even stronger ties between the motherland and the diaspora’, Milićević said, according to the Government of Serbia.

He emphasized that the strength of the Serbian people lay in the Serbian language, culture and religion, and that there had to be determination to not allow assimilation to impair those foundations of Serbian identity.

The Diaspora Vidovdan Assembly is a unique opportunity in preserving the national identity of our people abroad, Milićević concluded.

The Diaspora Vidovdan Assembly will gather 250 Serbian diaspora participants from all over the world.

Source and photo: Info Bijeljina