Students of the Sveti Sava elementary school from Modriča are the winners of the fourth season of the Nemanjići International Quiz Competition.

In the final held in Banja Luka from 16 to 19 May, the Modriča students proved to know the most about the suffering of Serbs in the 20th century and beat the Banja Luka elementary school Ivo Andrić.

The winning team Svetosavci of the Modriča elementary school Sveti Sava consisted of class VII 3 students: Nikola Simić (team captain), Đorđe Cvijanović and Nikola Čeliković. Their mentor was the history teacher Boro Bjelić.

For four years, the Nemanjići Association from Čačak has been the technical organizer of the quiz. This year, over 1,000 contestants were registered, and six teams from the Republic of Srpska, four from Serbia, two from Hungary, and one each from Croatia and Sweden reached the final. The theme of this year’s competition was Serb Suffering in the 20th Century and according to the participants, these are very painful yet important topics for fostering a culture of remembrance.

Our contestants liked the discovery and association games best, but also the opportunity to spend time with their peers from the Republic of Srpska, Serbia and the diaspora at the final competition. Team captain Nikola Simić said that they had prepared very seriously, because as a team they believed that if they did not know the past, they could not understand the present or build the future.

For the teacher Boro Bjelić, this joint success is the crown of 40 years of educational work. ‘I am happy because we achieved more than what we set out to. Our team was among the youngest and has the opportunity to compete in the next two years. We will try to defend this year’s title’, Bjelić added and clarified that over 300 elementary school teams had participated in the competition.

The principal of the Sveti Sava elementary school, Mitar Kršić, congratulated the winners of the competition. ‘These students and their teacher brightened up the end of the school year’, said Kršić.

The final competitions of the Serb Suffering in the 20th Century will be broadcast on Hram Television on Saturdays and Sundays during the children and youth program time slot.

Source: RTRS – Radio Modriča

Photo: Radio Modriča