Members of Blumberg Serbian Cultural Centre have had their Centre for almost a decade. Cooperation with this city’s authorities is excellent. Also, cooperation with representatives of the Serbian consulate in Stuttgart is excellent, as is with many Serbian associations throughout Germany and Switzerland.

The leadership endeavours to offer young people and its members a rich program, and Serbs from the surrounding towns often come to this city. Events, smaller and larger concerts, sports gatherings are only a small part of what this society offers. A modern space is always available to its members, and a folklore section is offered to young people, who gladly visit both children’s and youth ensembles. Socializing with youth from the homeland is also in the foreground. Young people, mainly from the Republic of Srpska (because most members are from Srpska) come to Blumberg and spend time with their friends in Germany.

The latest in a series of events was a folklore evening with dancers from German Freiburg’s Serbian cultural and artistic society Nikola Tesla and cultural and artistic society Dušan Stanković from Čečava, Teslić municipality in the Republic of Srpska with the hosts, Blumberg Serbian cultural society dancers. All folklore ensembles demonstrated true folklore skills, especially the guests from the Republic of Srpska, who performed several choreographies.

The Consul General of the Republic of Serbia in Stuttgart, Dragan Dimitrijević, also visited the event.

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