The Pan-Serbian Assembly will be a great event and we will establish cooperation at all levels, said the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić.

– Also, there will be two presidents present. We are working on declaration wording. There will be a lot of important and common things – said Vučić and added that it would include also the sphere of culture and that all tasks would be finally determined regarding construction of the Jasenovac Victims Museum in both Donja Gradina and Belgrade.

Vučić announced cooperation establishment at all levels, noting holding of a joint session of the governments of Serbia and Republic of Srpska and adoption of a joint declaration.

– At least six to seven thousand people from the Republic of Srpska will come, and we will also have a joint session of the governments of Srpska and Serbia – said Vučić.

Vučić stated that the Serbia-Republic of Srpska Pan-Serbian Assembly would be a great event and a great festival for the people of Belgrade, with more than a thousand members of cultural and artistic societies from Serbia and as many from the Republic of Srpska performing.

He announced that every minister in the Serbian Government and all directors of state-owned enterprises would each have their guest from the Republic of Srpska, same as museum directors, who would sign agreements and memoranda of cooperation with their Srpska peers, same as the media.

He added that representatives of Serbs from Montenegro and other countries of the region would be invited to the Assembly, stressing that everyone was welcome to the gathering.

The President of the Association of Serbs from Romania, Ognjen Krstić, said that the upcoming Pan-Serbian Assembly was a unique opportunity for a significant gathering of Serbs from around the world and the region, where national unity and sobornost should be demonstrated.

The presidents of the Republic of Srpska and Serbia, Milorad Dodik and Aleksandar Vučić, announced the Pan-Serbian Assembly in Belgrade on 8 June, where unity of the Serbian people would be confirmed.

Source: RTRS – SRNA – Glas Srpske

Photo: Vojvodina uživo