The Serbian club Vuk Karadžić from Steyr celebrated its great jubilee, 30 years since its founding. Preserving Serbian culture and tradition primarily through work with children during the past three decades, the association from the city on the banks of the river Steyr and Enns has reasons to be proud.

The ceremony on the occasion of its founding anniversary was graced by numerous public figures of Upper Austria and the city itself, led by the first man of Steyr, engineer Markus Vogl.

The representatives of the motherland were led by Mladen Filipović, head of the Representative Office of the Republic of Srpska in Vienna.

Conveying the greetings and best wishes of the leadership of the Republic of Srpska, Filipović said that preserving the Serbian language in the diaspora was our most important task.

– It is my pleasure to be able to congratulate you on your great jubilee wishing you to last a long time. You rightfully bear the name of the great Vuk Karadžić, which is an additional responsibility that you have been fulfilling successfully so far. We must always keep in mind how important it is to preserve our roots in these regions through learning the Serbian language, and that is why the church and clubs are the most important on that path – said Filipović.

On this occasion, Filipović presented a special gift, the coat of arms of the Republic of Srpska carved in wood, to the president of the Vuk Karadžić club, Goran Muždeka.

The program was enriched by the performances of folk dance sections, the host Vuk Karadžić, cultural and artistic society Bosiljak from Wels, and cultural and artistic society Knez Lazar from Gmunden.

Source and photo: Republic of Srpska Representative Office in the Republic of Austria