Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the charity organization Serbs for Serbs gathered about 40,000 donors around the world last year and collected 1,422,265 euros in donations.

In 2020, the organization delivered aid for 205 families with 643 children. According to its annual report, the organization implemented twelve large projects to help communities and organized 136 humanitarian events.

One of the main tasks of Serbs for Serbs, which was founded in 2007 and operates in nine countries including the Republic of Srpska, is to help large Serb families living on the brink of existence.

So far, the association has organized many humanitarian actions for Serb returnees from the former Republic of Serb Krajina, the Republic of Srpska, Serbia with particular focus on Kosovo and Metohija, and for Serbs from Montenegro. Funds for charitable actions are raised through voluntary contributions, membership fees and assistance from other charitable organizations, primarily from the diaspora.

Source: SRNA

Photo: RTRS