The institutions of the Republic of Srpska have undertaken activities to create a database of emigrants and their associations, taking into account the significant number of citizens of the Republic of Srpska in the diaspora, as well as the great potential for cooperation.

The Diaspora Register gathers data on natural persons and legal entities and associations in the diaspora, with the aim of establishing and developing cooperation between the institutions of the Republic of Srpska and the diaspora, as well as planning the activities of the institutions on future cooperation.

The Ministry of European Integration and International Cooperation has launched a promotional campaign for entry in the Diaspora Register of citizens, organizations and associations from the Republic of Srpska residing abroad. By creating a promotional video with instructions for registration, our intent was to bring the registration process closer!

The Diaspora Register is available on the website which offers the options to Register as natural person and Register as legal entity. By selecting one of the offered options, and then filling in the appropriate fields, you will join the Register very quickly. Data from the Diaspora Register are kept in accordance with the regulations governing the protection of personal data.

Thus we wish to connect in an even stronger and deeper way, to open the opportunities for cooperation in many areas of social, cultural, economic and scientific life, and at the same time to strengthen the connection between diaspora members and Republic of Srpska, and thereby contribute to preserving and strengthening national identity.

We hereby invite all diaspora to join the Register and officially take the first step on establishing the cooperation that would be important for the Republic of Srpska and the diaspora.

Video - Diaspora Register