Minister without portfolio in charge of relations with the diaspora Đorđe Milićević signed agreements yesterday with representatives of associations and non-governmental organizations on support for projects aimed at strengthening ties between our diaspora and the home state.

An important segment in this goal of the Serbian President and the entire Government of strengthening the existing ties and creating new ones, the Minister added, is the work and support to non-governmental organizations, associations and all those implementing projects and programs for the preservation of the Serbian language, alphabet and culture. A total of 79 million dinars has been allocated for this support program. As many as 311 associations and organizations applied to the public competition with 104 of them meeting the requirements and as a result signing the agreements.

– This program is not only financial aid, it is proof of determination to stay connected with our diaspora and compatriots in the region, to work together on preserving our identity and creating better conditions for the progress of our people. One of Serbia’s strategic goals is to preserve the national identity of the Serbian people living outside our borders. Integration in the countries where they live must not be at the expense of the Serbian language, culture and religion, and we must all work together on this also through such programs. To be united wherever we are. With this program, we have covered several segments, four of which are very important – support to cultural and artistic societies, economic cooperation, promotion of the Serbian language and strengthening of the capacities of Serbian language supplementary schools, and support to the promotion of sports among youth – the Minister said.

The largest portion of the funding is intended for the procurement of equipment for cultural and artistic societies, textbooks and reading materials for Serbian supplementary schools, and sports equipment for Serbian clubs in the diaspora.

– As a minister, I will monitor personally the implementation of projects that have received our support and I will do my best to ensure that not a single dinar is spent inappropriately – said Milićević after the agreements signing with representatives of associations and civil society organizations from Serbia. Agreements with the Serb associations from abroad that received funding within this project will be signed in the coming period.

Source: Radio Television of Serbia – Government of the Republic of Serbia – Politika

Photo: Dušan Veljović