The Third Investment Conference of the Investment Development Bank of the Republic of Srpska started in Teslić.

The conference Invest Srpska under the slogan Our Vision = Srpska started last night, and it is planned to end tomorrow.

This year’s conference will bring together over 250 experts and industry leaders, and the goal, according to the organizers, is to jointly consider investments and strategies for a stronger development of the Republic of Srpska.

The plan is to hold four panels and deal with the topics of increasing investments and developing the export results of the Republic of Srpska.

Dražen Vrhovac, director of the IDB RS, said that conference holding was organized by the IDB RS and under the auspices of the President of the RS, Milorad Dodik.

‘At four panels we will discuss investments in the RS, export problems, investments in local communities, and consider how the countries of the region overcame all the post-covid problems. We want to talk about these problems, and we have solutions for them. All conferences of this type show us the direction to take and the course for the IDB to follow’, said Vrhovac.

Radovan Višković, the RS Prime Minister, stated that agreement had been reached a few years ago about the necessity to promote the Republic of Srpska.

‘This is the right time because a significant number of investors have decided to change their investment destination after covid and their experiences during covid, and due to market saturation. The goal is that they recognize the RS, and all the facilities we offer are more favourable than in the neighbouring countries. An aggravating circumstance for us is the political situation in BiH, but regardless of that situation, we must do our job. In 2023 the Republic of Srpska has more than 500 million BAM more investments than in the previous period. Also, we have a total of four billion BAM investments. The goal is to create as many jobs as possible and to keep as many investors as possible in the RS territory’, stated Višković.

The conference will bring together the most important decision-makers, representatives of local self-government units, business and financial communities of the Republic of Srpska and the region.

Source: RTRS – Nezavisne novine

Photo: RTRS