At the times in which we live and see what and where from is looming over and threatening Srpska and Serbia, I believe that we must voice more often and louder the more than ever needed unity, because indeed only unanimity and a firm belief in the strength of Serbian unanimity and unity can preserve us, not to say save us.

The head of the Representative Office of the Republic of Srpska in Serbia, Mlađen Cicović, said this announcing the tenth edition of the event Days of Srpska in Serbia.

– Serbia and Srpska are one informative, cultural and linguistic area, no matter how many and which borders be further imposed on us. The poet, although better known as actor, Zoran Rankić said it beautifully: ‘On both sides of the Drina live Serbs from across the Drina’ – Cicović noted.

What has been done to hold this year’s Days of Srpska in Serbia event? What kind of program are you preparing?

Cicović: This year, the traditional Representation’s event titled Days of Srpska in Serbia will open on 8 September in Belgrade and close on 14 September in Novi Sad. We will also be in Subotica, Zrenjanin, Kruševac, Čačak, Kraljevo, Kragujevac, Niš, Vranje. With programs from almost all our regions, we will present the Republic of Srpska through culture, science, education, economy, art and tradition. We always take care of the quality of each program, and now even more so because this year we celebrate Srpska’s 30th anniversary and the small jubilee of this event because it is its tenth consecutive edition.

Is there anything new in the program compared to previous years?

Cicović: There is always something new, both in programs and artists, as well as in the way of presentation. In the economic part we will have promotions of Srpska’s tourism products in Belgrade and Novi Sad, which will also include the Experience Srpska exhibition of photographs on forex boards, where we will present all the beauties of Srpska. We will also have a presentation of the Subotica free zone as an example of good practice for cities and municipalities. In addition, there will be twinning of cities and municipalities of Srpska and Serbia, visits of Srpska delegations to host cities in Serbia to discuss cooperation opportunities and present investment potential of the Republic of Srpska.

What have the previous events shown? Has it become the most beautiful bridge that connects the Serbian people on both sides of the Drina as you announced last year?

CicovićThat question would be more suitable for the audience in Serbia than for me, because it is they who unfailingly evaluate everything that is offered, not only how much they like it at that moment, but also what importance it has for the relations at a level between the institutions that cooperate in a certain program, and then at the overall level of cooperation between Srpska and Serbia. The responses and echoes are commendable and this encourages us to continue working. So, the events so far have shown that our desire is to try to do something to present both to Serbian citizens and to Serbia, in just a few days, what we do every day in the Representation – to bring Srpska closer to them and to upgrade and deepen the cooperation of our people from two sides of the Drina. I still think that Days of Srpska in Serbia is a beautiful, good, necessary, useful and in many ways significant bridge of sincere cooperation between Srpska and Serbia. I believe that it will remain so also in the future.


How much knowledge is there in Srpska about Serbia and vice versa? Can and should it be better and wider?

Cicović: It is certain that we in Srpska know more about Serbia than we in Serbia know about Srpska, but that is not and cannot be a measure of anything, not even a possible quiz on that topic. What is important for both sides is the relationship between the people on the left and right sides of the river that unites us and our economic, cultural, educational and artistic cooperation. The cooperation has never been better or greater than now. Together we define strategic, infrastructural projects of equal importance for Srpska and Serbia, together we prepare programs for the national group of subjects in primary and secondary education, together we establish a culture of remembrance and celebrate the Day of Serbian Unity and the National Flag. The crown of all that is where the first prerequisite for it lies – the excellent cooperation of our political representatives.

Source and photo: Glas Srpske