The Palace of Serbia hosted a ceremony on the occasion of Vidovdan decorations awarding and inauguration of President Aleksandar Vučić in his second term.

The ceremony was attended, among others, by the highest officials of Srpska: President Želјka Cvijanović, Serb member of BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik, and Prime Minister of Srpska Radovan Višković.

Vučić told Serbs in the Republic of Srpska, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Croatia, and everywhere in the world where they live that no one could break Serbian national unity, and that Serbia wanted to preserve its autonomy and independence.

– We also live in countries around the world, but we have the same language, culture, we have Vidovdan which always brings us together – said Vučić.

He added that Serbs had to look at other peoples living with them and have the closest relations with them – from Hungarians, to Bosniaks, Slovaks, Croats and others, because they were all facing the same difficulties.

– That is why today, on the day when everything is visible, I want to tell them that we will overcome all difficulties together, and that we will build Serbia which will be a successful country, which will preserve independence and traditional friendships, and be on the European path, but which will never allow anyone to jeopardize its independence and right to be at our own – Vučić pointed out.

He said that today, on Vidovdan, it was obvious that Serbia was moving forward fast, faster than ever in its history, and that it was not easy to stop it on that path, adding that the question was whether to choose the path of great courage or wisdom.

– I will choose the path of wisdom, rather than the path of great courage, because I want us to be in higher numbers, to have a better economy, to progress quickly. But even when I publicly renounce great courage, it will still not be lower than beholden to our ancestors. Long live the unity of the Serbian people – said Vučić.

Speaking about the significance of Vidovdan, Vučić emphasized that every 28 June for centuries Serbs had been answering the same questions – whether they were celebrating victory or defeat, heroism or futile sacrifice, and that the answers to those questions had been changing from generation to generation, while it was being forgotten that there could only be one history.

He pointed out how much that date meant for the survival of the state and nation.

– It is the most important sign in our national sky under which we gather and look for a reason to exist. It is a signpost and a star we follow. Without it and with a history like ours, we would have dispersed a long time ago – said Vučić.

He said that in the Kosovo Field the Serbian ancestors were defending civilization and culture and true European and Serbian values, and not the temporary earthly kingdom, and that this was the moral vertical.

– On Vidovdan Serbs do not sing, they rather remember with contrite piety – said Vučić.

He thanked the recipients of Vidovdan decorations for their love for Serbia and for everything they had done for Serbia, making its citizens happy.

– Thus, you have become part of our national sky. Vidovdan must be a symbol that forces us to create new symbols, stars, myths, new life, new inspirations, to seek our future in Vidovdan – said Vučić.

Speaking about his second presidential term, Vučić noted that there was no greater honor than receiving such large support from the people twice in a row, but also no greater obligation or responsibility, especially in difficult times.

– Today, on Vidovdan, I am thinking – is the courage to preserve all that is ours the most important for us or is it by a slight margin the wisdom to build the future, or do we need both, just to preserve the independence and autonomy in decision-making and to be at our own and survive – said Vučić.

He said that it was easy to say that one should only stick with courage, but disbursement of salaries and pensions was owed to wisdom and intelligence and looking into the future of the country, attracting investments, because without them, there would be no stronger army or stronger Serbia.

– We have to go to Europe and look to Europe to have everything we have and a future for our children, but at the same time we have to have the courage to tell them that we want to preserve our independence, to have our own opinion that they do not always have to like. I guess that is also Europe, different opinion and view of the world – said Vučić.

Vidovdan decorations are awarded to deserving individuals and institutions from the country and abroad whose efforts have made a great contribution in the spheres of their work and operation.

The recipients of Vidovdan decorations include, among others, Hollywood actor Ralph Fiennes, famous tenor Andrea Bocelli, fado singer Mariza, actor Miloš Biković, national football and basketball team coaches Dragan Stojković Piksi and Svetislav Pešić, academician Vasilije Krestić, director Egon Savin, Subotica children’s theater, Čačak grammar school, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, as well as three Serbian firefighters who rescued a child from a water-filled manhole.

Source: RTRS-Agencies

Photo: Milorad Dodik