Although the students of supplementary classes in the Serbian language in the province of Baden-Württemberg were diligently celebrating the greatest Serbian holiday – Vidovdan also in the years of the pandemic, the Vidovdan academies were lacking for justified reasons. To the joy of all students, their parents, teachers and all Serbs in Baden-Württemberg, this great date will be celebrated once again in the most solemn way.

The Vidovdan Academy will be traditionally held also this year in Stuttgart on 2 July 2022, organized by the Serbian Supplementary School in Baden-Württemberg, the Republic of Serbia Consulate General in Stuttgart, and the Parents’ Council of the Serbian Supplementary School in Stuttgart and its surroundings at: Burgerzentrum, Bebelstr. 22, 70193 Stuttgart.

Supplementary classes in Serbian in Baden-Württemberg are organized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

Source: NEWS online