Within the Don’t be just a Serb… Be an e-Serb campaign, the Serb National Council (SNV) released a video inviting Serbs in Croatia to declare themselves as Serbs without fear in an online census.

The video features a man named Srbljanović, who closes the blinds and blacks out the apartment, and before opening the online census page, removes the card and battery from his mobile phone, puts on gloves and a mask, listens to the neighbors and turns on loud music, that is, does everything to disguise his national identity.

Only then, in the dark apartment and disguised, he writes in the column that he is a Serb by nationality.

The message in the end of the video is that ‘you can declare your nationality without anyone finding out.’

The online census in Croatia lasts until 26 September.


Photo: Be an e-Serb campaign – Screenshot