The Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska, Radovan Višković, said yesterday on Jahorina that Srpska currently had the best business environment in the region, not according to him, but according to credible sources.

Višković remarked that this was seen in the fact that today Srpska had the lowest aggregate tax rates and electricity price, and local communities highly involved in business environment creation.

At a panel discussion within the Jahorina Economic Forum, Srpska’s Prime Minister noted that the Republic had a law equating domestic and foreign investors.

Speaking about the Open Balkan initiative, Višković said that it was not a hindrance for other initiatives and that the issues of transport and service costs were lightly slurred over, often leading to a product being more expensive in the region than elsewhere.

– If we want to survive challenging times, we must be faster – added Višković.

He remarked that time was money, that 24-hour traffic was necessary here and that the practice of duplicating the issuance of some certificates should be stopped.

– If the Republic of Srpska issues a certificate for some goods, I see no reason why it should not be recognized at least in the countries of the region, given that there is no language barrier – said Višković.

He stated that today the Republic of Srpska had the highest employment since its creation, and that the Government was investing in the real sector.

– I am proud of all our people who work here. The Government is investing about BAM 400 million in the real sector. That is precisely why it also creates jobs and Srpska as a small economy survives in this globally complex time – Višković added.

He said that the recipe was to create together with the real sector all measures that could not be of long-term, but could help solve a situation at given moment.

He added that the goal was to keep jobs, and that he believed that living here was not bad, but could be better.

Source and photo: Republic of Srpska Government