The Russian vaccine Sputnik might arrive in the Republic of Srpska already next week.

Srpska has submitted all the necessary documents, and the transport is ready, now everything depends on the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

This was stated for Nezavisne by Duško Perović, Head of the Republic of Srpska Representative Office in Moscow, who pointed out that it was out of Srpska’s hands now, and everything depended on the Russian Fund with which the Republic of Srpska had signed a contract.

- We are in daily contact with them. They told us that we were their political priority regarding the delivery of vaccines - said Perović.

He added that, from the moment they received the green light from this Fund, they needed about four days to arrive in trucks from Russia to the Republic of Srpska.

- We expect to have everything signed by the end of this week, so that we can start already next week. Large refrigerator trucks need some days to arrive, because they must cross five borders - stated Perović.

Earlier, the Moscow Representation of the Republic of Srpska said that about 10,000 Sputnik vaccines would arrive in the first contingent.

Source: RTRS