In the past year, the city of Gradiška has made great efforts to establish two-way communication and strengthen ties with all citizens of Gradiška who live and work around the world.

Danijela Miletić Ljoljić, head of the Department for Development and International Projects in Gradiška city administration, said that Gradiška, like other cities in BiH, had a large diaspora, and for simpler and faster communication, the diaspora should have one door to knock on, one place to provide all the relevant information.

To this end, the city administration established the position of diaspora officer, responsible for cooperation with the diaspora. She noted that cooperation with the diaspora implied daily communication, creating a good image of Gradiška as open to and at the service of all citizens of Gradiška.

Miletić Ljoljić said that the plan for the coming period was to intensify that cooperation, and explained that in cooperation with the Ministry of European Integration and International Cooperation, they were working on establishing the Diaspora Register.

There are many people originating from Gradiška in the world who are successful in various areas of life and work, and their experiences and knowledge can be applied in Gradiška.

On the occasion of 24 April, the Day of the City, the Mayor of Gradiška, Zoran Adžić, organized a reception for representatives of several prominent associations of citizens operating in the diaspora. Discussions on that occasion covered cooperation by the city of Gradiška in the economic, cultural and sports spheres, establishment of the Office for the Diaspora within Gradiška city administration, citizens joining the Diaspora Register, as well as other important topics related to cooperation between the motherland and the diaspora.

The President of the Association of the Motherland, Diaspora, Serbs in the Region and Friends of Serbia Koreni (Roots) and the Association of Serbian Businessmen of Switzerland noted that successful models of providing conditions for diaspora investment in the motherland were presented, and that the importance of conferences and events bringing together the diaspora and local authorities in the Republic of Srpska was discussed.

The present guests were organized a presentation of economic potentials of Gradiška, i.e. a visit to business zones, duty-free zone area along the bridge at the border crossing with Croatia, allowing for the expansion of economic capacities, and a modern sports hall.

Source and photo: Gradiška Radio Television