Today at Mećavnik, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, thanked the celebrated director Emir Kusturica for everything he had been doing for Serbia, Republic of Srpska, and the unity of the Serbian people, who will be bequeathed a magnificent tourist settlement and nature park in the area that was dormant before Kusturica’s endeavor.

– If I had lived for 50 years, it would not have occurred to me to imagine something like this, let alone to have enough patience and strength to do what Kusturica has done on Mećavnik – said Vučić.

According to him, this is magnificent and everything existing there could only be designed and erected by someone with a genius mind.

– For that, professor, thank you profoundly. I congratulate you on your mind, strength and perseverance, as well as on the success you have created for everyone – Vučić noted.

Vučić announced that the state would soon start building a road to Mitrovac on Tara, noting that it was something it could do and that it would gladly accept if it were able to do something else for Mećavnik and Mokra Gora.

Kusturica thanked Vučić for perpetuating with this visit and support to Mećavnik the tradition of very good communication between the nature park and the state, which began in 2007, and assessed that results of such cooperation were clearly visible today.

He pointed out that today Drvengrad had everything that was available in a village close to a city in Switzerland, which was important because life in the countryside no longer implied only peasants, but also people who wanted to live where there was enough fresh air and where big events could take place.

-During the 13-14 years of the film festival, the greatest artists of the world have been guests here. The greatest pianists, violinists and conductors of the world performed in Mećavnik, which is not within reach at all, but far enough to be close enough – noted Kusturica.

Kusturica reminded that until 17 years ago, there was nothing in Drvengrad, not even the grass on which he and Vučić were standing today while, as he stated, ‘they were giving statements as if in front of the American White House.’

He added that there was a hill there on no man’s land until the shooting of the film Life is a Miracle in 2004, and then, as he divulged, the idea was born that something had to be built in that area.

– Very often metaphors express reality better than reality expresses itself. Thus Rainer Maria Rilke, one of the greatest German poets, said: ‘Whoever has no house now, will never have one.’ Mećavnik is contradictory in relation to that thought, because it has actually enabled finding a home to those who wanted – Kusturica explained.

Source: RTRS

Photo: Instagram buducnostsrbijeav