The state of Serbia has launched a campaign on the occasion of the Day of Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag, inviting the people to display and salute the flag on 15 September, on the occasion of the holiday.

In the videos that appeared on social networks, academician Dušan Kovačević and actor Petar Božović, with the anthem Bože pravde (God of Justice) heard in the background, remind us of the glorious Serbian history.

– There is a lot that divides us. Rivers and mountains divide us. Borders divide us, but there is more that unites us. Our Serbian language, culture, script and spirituality unite us. Joy and pride because of our glorious history unite us. Dear friends, on 15 September, let us salute our flag – says Kovačević in the video.

– Serbdom has been resurrected and our tricolor is flown in all free Serbian countries. People, display the flags in the windows – Petar Božović invites the people.

On 15 September, the Republic of Srpska and Serbia mark a joint holiday – the Day of Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag, commemorating the day of Salonika Front breakthrough in the First World War in 1918.

On the occasion of the new holiday, Serbian flags will decorate the main streets in Belgrade and be flown on all state institutions and public buildings.


Photo: RTRS