In the premises of the Republic of Srpska Representative Office in Serbia, Mlađen Cicović, head of the Representation, received a recognition and appreciation from the Ćirilica Association from Belgrade. Cicović was presented with an icon of Saint Sava, consecrated in the Saint Sava Temple in Belgrade, as a symbol of gratitude for his support for the Meetings of Serbian Countries event, organized by the Ćirilica Association.

Ljubinko Stojanović and Slavko Macura, representatives of the organizing committee of the event Meetings of Serbian Countries, presented the icon of St Sava to Cicović, noting his key role in the success of this event and support provided in its organization.

‘The recognition was awarded as a sign of gratitude for the great contribution and support that Cicović provided to the Meetings of Serbian Countries event and respecting our long-standing cooperation and shared idea of the need for sobornost of the Republic of Srpska and Serbia and Serbian people,’ said Stojanović.

Cicović noted that he would continue to support initiatives that contribute to strengthening ties between the Serbian people and affirming the rich cultural heritage.

‘It is a pleasure and an honor to be part of this project that works to promote identity values, to preserve our culture, traditions and customs, our language and alphabet, in addition to sobornost of our people,’ stated Cicović.

The Association Ćirilica and Republic of Srpska Representation in Serbia agreed to continue joint work on projects of importance to the Serbian people and express their readiness for future cooperation on similar initiatives

Source and photo: Republic of Srpska Representative Office in Serbia