The Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to the USA, Marko Đurić, took part in the second virtual gathering of Serbian organizations and influential individuals from the US, the Vidovdan Summit of Serbian Diaspora Leaders – Horizon 2050.

In his keynote address, Ambassador Đurić presented the priorities of the Mission of the Republic of Serbia to the US, particularly expressing readiness to intensify cooperation with the diaspora, which, according to him, is a generator of knowledge, skills and contacts that should be employed to present Serbia to both the new administration and the business world.

In addition to the need for joint action of the Embassy and prominent representatives of the diaspora, Đurić also noted the need for intensive engagement of honorary consuls of the Republic of Serbia in the USA in representing and protecting the interests of the Republic of Serbia.

Ambassador Đurić also emphasized that the cooperation should be two-way, and that the Embassy would be an open channel for communication and cooperation with the motherland at all times.

Summit participants agreed on the necessity for a unified approach and action in order to maximize the capacity to strengthen the socio-political influence of the Serbian corps in the United States.

The Vidovdan Summit of Serbian Diaspora Leaders – Horizon 2050 is a gathering held with the aim of forming a ‘united platform’ of the new Serbian diaspora and all its organizations, initiatives and influential individuals in the US, for the purpose of joint action.